Our Mission is to make life and technology intertwine without frustration!

Chan Confused

We do this by providing education and information about technology so that you can make the best decision possible.

Technology changes on a daily basis rather its the newest smart phone, fastest computer of the coolest home theater system most people have to do hours upon hours of research just to find out the basics of current technology.  After doing research you have to rely on reviews and advice of people who know nothing about how you and your family plan to use your equipment.  If you go into a brick and mortar store, you can only ask sales people about what they carry in their inventory not other things that you have seen elsewhere.

We do not have inventory to sale! We do not benefit from vendor funding!  We are here for you!


Functionality: How do you plan to use your technology?/ What do you want?
-Why are you searching for the new technology?
-What do you currently have? Will we integrate existing and new?
-Budget? Creation of budget…. Maximizing Budget…..

Education: Whats available? How to use?
-Explianing the available technology and how it can benefit you!
-What technology is coming in the future.

Support: You have a “Tech Friend”!
-Having issues with your technology? Cable, Satillite, Internet… Let us handle it and we will deal with the provides for you so you don’t get the run around!
-Technology training sessions.
-Shopping assistance